Where Can You Buy Hydroponic Bugs ?  

Hydroponics means using no soil to cultivate plants and vegetables. In this method of growing veggies and fruits, a growing medium is used which is then nourished with the help of micro-nutrients and water. These nutrients are then absorbed by the plants. There is great potential for hydropinc farming as it requires less space than traditional outdoor farming and the yield is also greater.

Many hydroponic farmers use organic methods of growing the plants and also controlling pests. In order to control pests, they introduce beneficial insects to consume these pests. And, this ensures that no chemical pesticides are used. (See Reference 1) Usually, it is recommended that the beneficial insects be present in the grow room from day one so that an infestation of pests is prevented from the very beginning. (See Reference 1)

There are many useful insects that hydroponic farmers purchase. They introduce beneficial nematodes, praying mantis, predators that feed on aphids and fungus gnats, green lacewings, ladybugs, housefly predators, pirate bugs and many more. (See Reference 1 and 2) Usually commercial hydroponic farmers have regular suppliers from whom they purchase large quantities of hydroponic bugs. But what about hobby farmers or those who are growing hydroponic vegetables and fruits for personal consumption? Where can they buy hydroponic bugs?

Thanks to the internet, there are many online stores that sell hydroponic bugs. You can easily place an order with them and they will dispatch the bugs immediately to you. All you need to do is put those bugs on the plants and let them do their job. Also, you can purchase hydroponic bugs from specialty gardening stores that deal with hydroponic plants and equipment.

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Where Can You Buy Hydroponic Bugs


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How Does Hydroponic Gardening Work ?      Hydroponics refers to the soil-less method of growing plants. When soil is not used to grow plants, gardeners can use limited space to grow more quantities of plants. The nutrient needs of the plant are met with the help of a growing medium, water and liquid fertilizers. More..




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