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Hydroponics means water working in Latin, and it literally means that. Aeroponics means air working. In aeroponics, hydroponics is practiced but in a different method. The plant roots in aeroponics are suspended in mid air, and they are sprayed with all the necessary nutrients. These nutrients are mixed in water just like in hydroponics.

So when the nutrient solution is sprayed on the roots, the roots absorb them and therefore the plant growth is promoted. In aeroponics, the air surrounding the plants is kept moist. The roots will absorb oxygen and along with the nutrients. It enhances the metabolism of the plant 10 times more than soil. The soil just stores the nutrients for the plants and does not promote the plant growth in anyway directly. So supplying of nutrients can also be done through hydroponics and aeroponics.

You can have a small aeroponics set up to grow a few plants within your home environment. You should have an enclosed room with rods from where the plants can be suspended. The room should have 100 percent humidity levels, so that there would be no evaporation and loss of water.

When you set up an aeroponics system, it does not need to maintain by watering or anything. The environment will take care of itself. You can maintain the humidity by watering from the top everyday or having an automatic set up for it. This type of care is taken only in the initial weeks of growth. This is done so that the nutrients that you spray reach the roots in the initial stages.

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Diy Aeroponics





History-Of-Aeroponics      Aeroponics is a technique of growing plants without the help of soil. The plants are suspended in mid air and they are supplied with nutrients by using a spray that ha water in it. When the roots absorb oxygen they also absorb all the essential nutrients through the spray. More..




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