What Does Aeroponics Mean ?  

Aeroponics is a method of growing plants without the help of soil. There are several benefits of aeroponics as it speeds up the growth of plants. The plants grown with the help of aeroponics grows ten times faster without soil. In this method, the plants are suspended in a special facility the roots and the plant are exposed to the air.

The plants are sprayed with essential nutrients and nutrient rich water. Anyone can grow plants using the aeroponics system without any effort. The best plants to grow using aeroponics are herbs and vegetables. There are several advantages of aeroponics. One is it is a cleaner way to grow plants, and the plants do not get infested frequently.

The aeroponics system has everything that the plant needs. The plant gets light from the sufficiently installed light bulbs. Even the watering frequency is taken care of and when you need to water the pods will let you know. The system constantly measures the levels of water. The roots of the plants in the aeroponics system are suspended in the air and when the roots absorb oxygen they also absorb the nutrients.

The growing conditions in this system are stable at all times. So plants can be cultivated at any time during the year. Also, the quantity of crop is much higher and it is accelerated. Since the plants are receiving more nutrients the growing also takes place sooner. Aeroponics also takes little space as plants are confined to their spaces. The roots can grow directly below.

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What Does Aeroponics Mean





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