Aquaponics For Kids  

Kids are forever interested in growing plants and knowing how seeds germinate. Their science books teach them about the process of plant growth. Aquaponics is a system that can be introduced to children in an interesting way. It is the same type of plant growth that they can see.

In an aquaponic system, the children can observe the plants growth in a cyclic way and also they can see the roots grow. So far children have been taught that plants need soil to grow, and now they can see a method or a futuristic technology where plants can be grown through soil less environments.

They can know how seeds germinate, how the seedling grows into a plant and they can also see how roots grow. Also, the benefit of aquaponics for kids is that the entire process is speeded up. So their interest is alive and they see the plant grow from a seedling to a plant very soon. Aquaponics is best for growing vegetables and kids can grow their favorite vegetable as an experiment.

An aquaponic system can be created in a small set up using some do-it-yourself techniques. There are several such techniques available on the internet. You will need simple things like a board and an aquarium pump along with a small sprayer to get started. Initially grow only one or two plants in order to demonstrate to kids. The aquaponics system does not need everyday maintenance except in the initial weeks. So kids can just observe the experiment.

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Aquaponics For Kids





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