How Do You Make An Aquaponics System ?  

A mini aquaponics system is a very good way to enjoy home grown crops. One can study the entire plant cycle starting from a seedling to a grow plant that bears fruits. People can also build a small aquaponics system at home.

Get something that looks like a fish tank. In fact, that can be a good start. The fish tank is transparent on all sides. The requirement for the container is that it should be clean and visible. You can even use a plastic tub, bucket or any such container. Anything which has a capacity of 3 to 20 gallons is considered to be a perfect for an aquaponics system. Plan on the fish tank based on the bed area and the number of plants you would like to grow. Many pet stores sell several colored gravel, and you will need this. Purchase and keep it handy. Wash and clean the gravel scrupulously before you decide to put it into the tank.

Get an aquarium water pump. The aquarium pump is used to propel the water from the fish tank into the growth bed and the cycle keeps continuing. This enables the water to water to flow in a cyclic fashion. The growth bed is a board that sits on the top pf the fish tank. It will have numerous holes drilled equidistant from each other. You can get this made using a rubber maid sheet or anything like that. Their main purpose is to suspend the plants. The container has to be 3 to 8 inches deep. You will need to provide artificial lighting below the board. A growing medium is required beneath the board like foam or any porous material.

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How Do You Make An Aquaponics System





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How Do You Make An Aquaponics System ? )
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