What Is A Grow Box ?  

A grow box is a small box that is used to grow plants inside the house environment. A grow box can also be made at home or bought in a store. It is a simple contraption that uses a box which has small holes at the bottom to drain excess water. They are ideal for homes that have no growing space for plants.

Some people live in high rise building and a grow box is ideal for such people to build a home based garden. Also, you have a low maintenance garden with the help of grow boxes as you do not have to use fertilizers and insecticides. The soil conditions will be clean and insects will not seep in. The grow box also has a liner inside the box which helps to drain only the water and not the soil.

You can use a grow box to grow several home and daily use vegetables. Even herbs grow very well in a grow box. If you use cilantro and parsley frequently, then you can easily grow them in these boxes. The liner helps to protect the box from wear and tear. The water also gets drained slowly so that the plants can absorb in equal proportions.

Grow boxes come in all sizes and shapes. They can fit in small areas or you even get big ones for bigger spaces. Flowering plants, small shrubs and small vegetables plants are ideally suited for grow boxes. Wood is ideally preferred by several people because it is sturdy and also looks good as indoor decoration. The grow boxes need to be placed in sunny places by windows for example. They need the heat and light to grow.

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What Is A Grow Box





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