Examples Of Xeriscaping  

What most landscape professionals are scared about is drought caused due to the lack of water. We need a lot of water to maintain a full fledged garden, and that is one of the biggest drawbacks of gardening. However, by using smarter ways like xeriscaping, we can save on water and also have a nice garden.

Xeriscaping is all about growing a garden using landscaping techniques and also use plants that need less water. There are several types of plants that need less water and still are beautiful and give flowers. Among the landscape designs the lawns takes up most of the water resources.

In a xeriscaping model all the plants which have similar water requirements have to be grouped together. When this takes place the plants can be watered accordingly. Water is used more efficiently in this model. Xeriscaping, however, does not completely eliminate the lawns and actually nothing in the world can add value to a landscape more than a lawn. Xeriscaping is all about minimizing the use of water by using more plants, and also including a lawn in such a way where water is used less. Some xeriscape landscapers cut down on the size of the lawn and some use different varieties of lawns.

However, because the severe dearth of usable water today one should always think about alternative means of using lesser water resources. It is only human to do so to preserve. By using plants that need less water you can still have a beautiful looking garden.

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Examples Of Xeriscaping





Plants-For-Xeriscaping      Xeriscaping is also known as xerigardening is an innovative and modern method which reduces the dependency on constant irrigation. It is a method of cultivation and gardening that is used in dry and desert-like environments. More..




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Examples Of Xeriscaping )
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