Plants For Xeriscaping  

Xeriscaping is also known as xerigardening is an innovative and modern method which reduces the dependency on constant irrigation. It is a method of cultivation and gardening that is used in dry and desert-like environments.

In today's world, a garden is known to consume a lot of water, which is a natural resource. However, due to overuse and blatant misuse, water is becoming extremely scarce. Three parts of the world is made up of water, but most of the water cannot be used for human consumption or plants in any way. Only ground water is useful for us. However, the rate at which the population is increasing and the ground water is being consumed the gardening needs have to be cut down.

Xeriscaping is a technique which uses plants that take less water and it also groups plants which follow a similar pattern of water consumption. Xeriscaping uses dry landscaping techniques. It uses several cacti for example in its landscape designs. These will include ornamental grasses, shrubs, small trees, and so on. All these plants can live on less water. They do not need much maintenance, and they can pretty much survive on their own. Places or regions that do not have enough fresh water supplies use these plants usually. Also, plants used on xeriscaping tend to take full benefit of the natural rainfall. They absorb a lot of water and use it consistently for their survival.

Here are some of the plant varieties that are used in xeriscaping:

Different species of Aloe vera, namely red, orange and yellow varieties
African daisies
Indian blanket
Evening primrose
English Lavender

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Plants For Xeriscaping





Tips-For-Xeriscaping      Xeriscaping is a great technique for modern gardening. It saves natural resources like water. Water has become precious for its increased consumption and less availability. Ground water is becoming less year by year as the population and urban cityscapes are growing. More..




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