Tips For Xeriscaping  

Xeriscaping is a great technique for modern gardening. It saves natural resources like water. Water has become precious for its increased consumption and less availability. Ground water is becoming less year by year as the population and urban cityscapes are growing.

Several people love their gardens and the thought of curbing on them because of water is very painful. However, you can use techniques like xeriscaping and still have a gorgeous garden in your backyard.

Most people love lawns. Ornamental grasses take very less water and still decorate your garden as beautifully as the regular lawn grass. There are several varieties of grass that do not require much water like Purple grass, Blue grass, Mexican feather and stricta. They do very well in summer and spring.

Some of the trees that you can think of planting are willows, olives, palms and conifers. All these thrive in the deserts which mean they use very less water. Also, these trees do not grow very tall and actually fill out the landscape ion your garden.

All you want is that your garden should look good and you can achieve this by having a lot of rocks and other features. Rocks add great value to a natural landscape. It brings a sense of earthiness in your backyard.

There are several flowers that thrive with less water. Succulents like aloe species, marigolds and poppies need very less water actually. You can get a list of such varieties from your local gardening store or the internet.

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Tips For Xeriscaping





What-Is-Xeriscaping      Xeriscaping is a modern form of landscaping. It plans on using less water resources and designing a garden which needs minimal irrigation. Xeriscape uses water very efficiently and without wasting it. More..




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