What Is Xeriscaping ?  

Xeriscaping is a modern form of landscaping. It plans on using less water resources and designing a garden which needs minimal irrigation. Xeriscape uses water very efficiently and without wasting it.

The concept of xeriscaping is developed from the fact that how do plants in the deserts thrive. Desert has very minimal or no supply of water and yet some plants manage to survive. There are thousands of species of plants which survive in a desert environment. The main aim of xeriscaping is to create a garden out of low resources.

The term 'xeri' has originated from a Greek word which means dry. Also, xeriscaping concept emerged in the city of Denver in Colorado. Landscape architects first started practicing it here. Very careful amounts of planning are required for xeriscaping. It is not as simple as grouping plants together. In fact, it takes much more effort than that.

You will also need to plan the drip irrigation system in a way that would irrigate the plants in the right moderation. In a xeriscaping model too much watering can kill the plants and so a drip irrigation method has to be followed. Manual watering of plants may not work very well.

If the xeriscaped garden is very good, then it will depend on very less water and will thrive on its own. Some plants naturally have the tendency to absorb less water. Also, dense ground cover is used around d plants so that the ground is kept moist and conducive for the plants. When ground cover is used the plants have some amount of moisture always available and the excess from ground cover gets drained to the plants.

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What Is Xeriscaping





Xeriscaping-Garden-Plans      Xeriscaping is a modern concept of gardening and it uses very less water for maintaining a garden. It includes all the features like a lawn and flowering plants like a regular garden and still uses very less water. Today, there is an immense need to save water against all odds. More..




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