Landscaping With Stone Techniques  

People use different materials for landscaping. Many people might not be aware by landscaping with stone techniques is gradually becoming popular. Even loose stones are used in this technique. Some solid stones like granite, marble or slate are used for landscaping. However, more common stones are usually taken from quarries and river beds when landscaping with stone techniques.

Stones taken from riverbeds are quite popular as they are smaller than boulders and are smooth and rounded due to the water. These stones come in a variety of colors but the most common are blue, black, grey, red and white. You can use stones of different colors or match colors of one shade depending upon what you have planned.

Landscaping with stone techniques is usually used for waterfalls and ponds. These stones are stacked together to create a small hill and water is allowed to flow down them creating an artificial waterfall. When it comes to ponds, the stones are strategically placed to give the artificial pond a more natural look. For both these landscaping techniques stones from riverbeds are taken.

Stones are used for paving pathways and these are usually river stones because of the flatness they offer. Stones in landscaping are also used for make flower boxes or raising garden beds. The reason why landscaping with stone techniques is used because stones look decorative and look natural besides being durable. Stones are also used for low walls. These are usually pebbles or stones the size of your fist. These stones are added to the cement mixture and then applied on the wall. Bigger stones are placed on the wall one at a time using cement.Landscaping With Stone Techniques






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Landscaping With Stone Techniques )
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