Natural Pesticides For Biting Spiders In The Home

Natural Pesticides For Biting Spiders In The Home

It is estimated that there around 30,000 different species of spiders around the world. Generally spiders are considered to beneficial because they feed on other spiders and insects that we consider pests. However, having spiders in the house can be a nuisance and if they bite you, it can turn into a medical emergency.

Generally spiders are found in the house in early fall when temperatures start dropping that the spiders start looking for shelter. Most spiders are harmless but there are few that are venomous and you should be careful not get bitten by these spiders.

Some ways to discourage biting spiders and all other types of spiders from entering your how is to ensure that you keep your home and surrounding clean. Get rid of boxes, old equipment in the garage and basement. If you cannot, then line them neatly on shelves. Throw out anything that you will not be using.

Repair broken screens and put weather stripping around the door and window frames. You can also put a pest barrier on incoming pipes and door jambs to prevent these insects from entering your home.

Keep the inside of your home clean and vacuum clean regularly. One natural pesticide for biting spiders in the home is diatomaceous earth. You can put this in nooks, crannies and crevices to kill the spiders.

However, one of the best natural pesticides for biting spiders in the home is considered to the fruit of the Osage Orange tree. This tree is related to the mulberry tree. The fruit of the Osage Orange tree is known as hedgeapple and according to many people it is highly effective in repelling spiders and other insects. 

All you need to do is leave the fruit in plastic containers around the house and it will stay good for 2 to 3 months in an air-conditioned house. The best way to judge is the greenness of the fruit. Once most of the green color of the fruit has vanished, you can discard it.

The hedgeapple shows instant results in getting rid of biting spiders in the home if you slice or core it.  

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Natural Pesticides For Biting Spiders In The Home