Corn Meal As An Organic Herbicide

Corn Meal As An Organic Herbicide

Corn gluten meal is a natural form of herbicide used widely to protect turfs and organic crops. This is a by-product obtained from the wet-milling of corn.  Hydrolyzed proteins obtained from corn and other grain varieties are more effective on plants than corn gluten meal. These substances are water soluble and are sprayed on the soil surface.

However, the sprayable content is less stable compared to the corn gluten meal. Research is on to make the soluble materials more stable so that the efficacy is improved. 

The corn meal is used in horticulture to fight fungal problems that arise in soil and plant roots. Corn meal also improves soil quality by boosting its resistance to diseases. It does not damage or burn plants like synthetic chemical products as it is purely a natural by-product. 

To spray corn meal, you need to soak a cup in one gallon of water by putting it in an old nylon stocks, stocking or hairnet. The liquid would look milky and this mixture is sprayed. The cornmeal juice can also be mixed with dried molasses and compost tea for better results. 

Corn meal acts as an effective blocker for weeds by inhibiting the development of the root system. It works best at the seed germination stage and is not very effective against plants that are well-grown. 

Corn meal can be sprayed in shrubs, vegetables, trees, plant beds and lawns. It is best to spray this mixture on bare ground even before the weeds start sprouting.

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Corn Meal As An Organic Herbicide