What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide ?

What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide ?

Treflan herbicide is an affordable pre-emergent weed killer which destroys broadleaf and grassy weeds. It is applied in the soil in its liquid form before you plant the crop you want to grow in order to protect ornamentals, vegetables and field crops.

This herbicide is highly effective as it protects the weeds from growing all of summer. It is not organic and hence, some of the crops cannot be planted on soil upon its application for about 12 to 14 months. For example, if you plant asparagus at the wrong time after spraying this herbicide, you should not eat it as it contains the residues of this herbicide which is poisonous. Treflan does not stop germination of seeds. However, it is effective in killing many grasses as it contains a component called preen. But, if you use this herbicide on the corn, it would damage the crop as corn is also a type of grass.  

The application of this herbicide purely depends on the crops you want to sow and the type of soil in which the plant is grown. The effectiveness of this herbicide depends on the climatic conditions and also the timing when it is applied. It may poison the plants if used under improper conditions. Treflan, hence, is not a very highly recommended herbicide for small garden beds.

People who spray this herbicide should protect themselves appropriately by wearing gloves, shirt with long sleeves, protective glasses, pants and footwear. If it comes in contact with your skin or you end up breathing in while spraying or the spray comes in contact with your eyes, you need to seek immediate medical help. You need to use safe gardening equipments for spraying as this is highly poisonous and should not visit the garden for about 12 hours after spraying.

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What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide