What garden vetgetables will not tolerate treflan herbicide ? - What herbicide kills sand spurs ?

What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide ?       Treflan herbicide is an affordable pre-emergent weed killer which destroys broadleaf and grassy weeds. It is applied in the soil in its liquid form before you plant the crop you want to grow in order to protect ornamentals, vegetables and field crops.


This herbicide is highly effective as it protects the weeds from growing all of summer. It is not organic and hence, some of the crops cannot be planted on soil upon its application for about 12 to 14 months. For example, if you plant asparagus at the wrong time after spraying this herbicide, you should not eat it as it contains the residues of this herbicide which is poisonous.More...



What Herbicide Kills Sand Spurs ?

What Herbicide Kills Sand Spurs

Sand spurs are very common near beach areas and are commonly found in kid’s play area and in cracks of sidewalks. Sand spurs indicate poor soil maintenance. They are dangerous especially in their dried husk form as they contaminate animal feces and are introduced into the blood stream through the skin resulting in infections and pain. Hence, they should be removed when they are alive and remain attached to the plant.

Sand spurs produce prickly seeds which cause a lot of pain if they are stepped on or pulled out. They are annual weeds which cannot survive in cold climatic conditions.More...



Corn Meal As An Organic Herbicide

Corn Meal As An Organic Herbicide

Corn gluten meal is a natural form of herbicide used widely to protect turfs and organic crops. This is a by-product obtained from the wet-milling of corn.  Hydrolyzed proteins obtained from corn and other grain varieties are more effective on plants than corn gluten meal. These substances are water soluble and are sprayed on the soil surface.

However, the sprayable content is less stable compared to the corn gluten meal. Research is on to make the soluble materials more stable so that the efficacy is improved. More...


Sweetcorn Herbicides

Sweetcorn Herbicides

Sweet corn is traditionally grown by mechanical cultivation in order to reduce the weed problems. The growing season is pretty fast and hence herbicides are generally not used. However, if the weeds become quite overwhelming or difficult to manage, herbicides may become necessary. Generally, herbicides are registered for field corn and not sweet corn.

Weed control is essential for sweet corn as they can delay the maturing of crops. They can interfere with the yield and also the quality as the weeds take away a considerable amount of water, sunlight and nutrients. More...