How Do You Water A Bonsai Tree

How Do You Water A Bonsai Tree ?

Because of the unique look and aesthetic appeal of bonsai trees, many people love to use them to decorate their offices and homes. Growing a bonsai tree is hard work as the tree requires constant care. One of the care needs of a bonsai tree is watering. (See Reference 1)

How do you water a bonsai tree? Well, it is important to know how to water a bonsai tree as it affects it growth. Most novice gardeners end up killing their bonsai trees either out of over watering or not watering enough. (See Reference 1)

How you water a bonsai tree depends on the kind of tree you have, the soil in which the tree is growing and the kind of pot used for growing the bonsai tree. (See Reference 1) Different species of trees have different water needs and hence, there is no single measure for watering a bonsai tree. Even the kind of soil used to grow the tree makes a big difference, as some soils tend to absorb water faster, while others tend to take hours to absorb the water. (See Reference 1)

When watering a bonsai tree, do it with care. It is not that the soil is watered and that is the end of the matter. Instead when watering a bonsai tree, make sure that you also sprinkle some water on the leaves to clean out the pores and remove the surface dust. This will help the leaves breathe. Additionally, even if it is raining, a bonsai tree should get water, (See Reference 1) though the amount will reduce because of the humidity in the air.

If you want to use a hose to water the bonsai tree, ensure that the spray nozzle is set at the lowest possible pressure. This will prevent the soil from getting out of the pot and also prevent the tree from getting damaged. (See Reference 1) And, then once a week, ensure that you place the pot into some water to cover it completely. Keep the pot in water until bubbles cease to appear on the surface. (See Reference 1) This will ensure that the soil is soaked through and there is sufficient moisture content in the soil. (See Reference 1)

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