How To Care For A Ficus Bonsai

How To Care For A Ficus Bonsai ?

Although a tropical tree, the ficus bonsai is drought resistant and can easily adapt to different growing environments. (See Reference 1) Hence, this is the reason why many bonsai growers love to grow a ficus bonsai. If you have a ficus bonsai, you should know how to care for it.

The good news is that caring for a ficus bonsai is an easy task. It is a wonderful tree for new bonsai growers and gardeners to practice their bonsai techniques. (See Reference 1)

The bonsai container should be a well drained one and contain a soil that is sandy loamy and rich in nutrients. The loam soil can be prepared by mixing 1/3rd of compost with 2/3rd of soil.

The ficus does not require full sunlight. Hence, place the pot indoors where it is partially shaded. However, ensure that the tree does get some amount of sunlight as it will need to produce the nutrients when the tree is watered. Four hours of sunlight in the morning hours is more than sufficient for the ficus bonsai. (See Reference 1)

The tree should be watered regularly, but care should be taken not to over water it. Allow the soil to dry out between 2 watering sessions. Generally, ficus bonsai require watering twice a week, but check the soil to ensure that it is not dry. If dry, then water the bonsai. (See Reference 1)

In the growing season, the bonsai needs fertilizer every 2 weeks. The fertilizer should contain balanced quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Do not put the fertilizer directly on to the roots. Instead, it should be mixed into the soil. (See Reference 1) The ficus bonsai does not require fertilizer when it is not the growing season. (See Reference 1)

The bonsai should be misted and dusted everyday to avoid fungi and bacterial infections. Also, keep a close lookout for insects and diseases. Spider mites are common pests of ficus bonsai. (See Reference 1)

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