What Does Bonsai Mean

What Does Bonsai Mean ?

When you hear the word bonsai, you know that it means a style of gardening where the trees are kept in a miniature state throughout their lives. However, have you ever wondered what does bonsai mean? The word bonsai is a Japanese word that means tray planted. The word refers to dwarf trees as well as trees that are artificially trained to grow in miniature sizes in containers. (See Reference 1)

Bonsai gardening is an art that needs to be honed. A good bonsai gardener knows exactly when to trim the roots and to what extent should be trimming be done. (See Reference 1) In addition, the gardener will know the quantity of fertilizer to use for the tree, when to water it and how much, and which are the branches that should be trimmed and pruned to get the desired look and appeal. (See Reference 1)

Bonsai trees are normal trees in all respect other than the size. They will have fruits and shed their leaves when autumn or fall arrives. (See Reference 1) But this art of growing miniature trees requires patience and care. If you want instant results, then bonsai gardening is not for you. The bonsai gardener needs to know the kind of pot that the tree should be grown in to enhance the miniature looks of the tree and also complement the growing. The size of the pot has a profound effect on the size and style of the bonsai tree. (See Reference 1) If the pot is too small and does not provide adequate space to cover the roots with soil, the plant will perish.

If you have never thought of bonsai gardening and love to garden, now would be a good time to learn and practice this art of growing miniature trees.

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