How To Plant A Desk Flower Garden ?  

Desk flower gardens are ideal for those homes which do not have a backyard with a garden space. In some cases, the inmates of the home do not have a lot of time to maintain a huge garden. Hence, they can choose to do indoor gardening starting with a few decorative and easily maintainable plants.

A beautiful desk garden can be created with small sized decorative plants with beautiful leaves. Some of them start flowering when they are too small and they give a new look to the entire surrounding. The environment with an indoor flower garden can become very friendly and pleasant to stay. The effort required is minimal and watering is not needed very regularly if proper plants are chosen. 

While planting a desk garden, you need to choose containers that do not occupy too much space. Choose plants with bright colored leaves and vibrant colored flowers to improve the ambience and energy of the room. Or you can choose leaves of pastel shades which radiate ‘calmness’ and ‘elegance’. Large flowers which have bold colors add a lot of punch and impact. 

You need to consider a huge number of issues while choosing plants for the desk garden. They should not attract pests as it could hinder the health of the plants and make maintenance really tough. The plants health should not get affected with limited lighting. The plants should not grow too tall. People with pollen allergy should be very careful of planting flowers in a desk garden as it may indirectly affect their health. Avoid over-watering and allow excess water to drain in a plate placed below the container.

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How To Plant A Desk Flower Garden




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