Identification Of Weeds In Flower Garden  

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in your garden very fast and feed on the essential nutrients in the soil making it less fertile and less nourishing for the other desirable plants in the garden. They generally depend on the area and nature of soil. The weed seeds may lie dormant in the soil for many years.

Weeds can interfere in the growth of the plants we plant as they compete with them for various resources like space, nutrients, water and sunlight. Some varieties attract pests and also diseases in the plants. 

In order to remove the weeds in the garden, you should be aware of how they look, in what kind of soil they grow and their growing habits.  

Annual weeds like Groundsel and Cleavers germinate, mature and produce a seed before they die. Hence, they should be removed even before the seeds are produced.  

Biennial weeds take almost two seasons to grow, mature and produce seeds and then die. They develop a long taproot and leaves during the first season. They flower in the second season and produce the seed. They should be removed when they are in the seedling stage during the first season itself. Otherwise, if the plants are seen, they should be removed from the growing point.  

Perennial weeds can remain alive for many seasons as they develop strong root system and stems. They become very difficult to be removed and flower for many seasons and produce seeds which disperse even in the surrounding areas. They survive until their underground parts are completely removed. Some of them spread in the form of runners. 

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Identification Of Weeds In Flower Garden




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Identification Of Weeds In Flower Garden )
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