Anthurium facts - Anthurium growing tips - How to care for anthurium ?

Anthurium Facts        The anthurium, an herbaceous epiphyte of the family Araceae, originally hails from South and Central America. Today, it is grown all over the world. Anthuriums are referred to by various names such as painted tongue, flamingo flower, boy flower or tail flower.

          This plant genus encompasses about 1000 varied species. The genus is believed to be large and complicated.

            Although many of its species have been studied, newer variations seem to crop up every year.  Anthuriums are seen to be growing as hemi-epiphytes and lithophytes as well. Seen in shades of red, pink, lilac, white, brown and green, the word anthurium flower is actually a misnomer. The actual flower of this plant is a centrally located spike about 3mm in size; whereas what seems as a flower is the leaf of the plant known as spathe. So, scientifically speaking, anthuriums are cultivated for their vibrant spathes and ornate leaves.More...


Anthurium Growing Tips

Anthurium Growing Tips                  A native of Central and South America, anthurium can be grown through four methods namely; vegetative propagation, seeds, tissue culture and fertilization. The two prominent varieties grown in greenhouses include the flowering and the foliage variety. Most garden centers opt only to grow and sell flowering variety.

                  Most garden centers opt only to grow and sell flowering variety.The main requisites for the growth of this plant are adequate warmth, moisture and fertilizers. The soil form most appropriate for its growth varies from sandy loams to heavy clays. The soil should have good drainage capability with rich organic content. A well drained soil is important to prevent the stem and roots from roMore...


How To Care For Anthurium ?

How To Care For Anthurium                   Enhancing the aesthetic value of bouquets, indoor potted plants and gardens; heart shaped anthuriums come in colors of red, pink and white. The lovers of anthuriums have given several names to it that include the flower with a heart, tail flower, the flame plant and the flamingo flower. This tropical plant can be grown effortlessness, and is therefore cultivated all over the world.

               However, the maximum anthuriums are grown in Florida in the US and the Netherlands.When planting anthuriums in a pot, care should be taken to ensure that the growing media is of a peat moss base and it should be well drained. The media should preferably have the ratio of 1:1:1 of peat moss, pine bark and perlite. The soil mix for the younger plants should be less coarse than the one required by the plant later. This helps the young plant to retain water content. Before the process of repotting, it is necessary to ensure that the roots have spread fully in the pot. More...