Difference Between Pix Tulips And Daffodils

Difference Between Pix Tulips And Daffodils

If you want to know what is the difference between tulips and daffodils, then you have come to the right place. Tulips are bulbous flowers the bloom in spring. They are part of the lily family, and there are around 80 kinds of tulips. They are originally from Asia, but became popular as garden flowers in The Netherlands. In the US, tulips are popular spring flowers, which are grown for commercial use primarily in Washington and Michigan.

The tulip has a strong green stalk and broad leaves. Each plant produces a single bud that develops into a cup-shaped flower. The tulip flower are found in vibrant colors, and can be available in shades of yellow, red, pink, white and dark purple. There are even hybrid varieties of tulips that are extremely popular with gardeners. (See Reference 1)

A tulip plant can reach a height from 6 inches to 27 inches, and it can bloom any time during spring based on the kind of variety you have planted. The taller plants make beautiful garden decorations and centerpieces in mounds when planted in a bunch. The smaller type of tulips make great borders for plants that tend to bloom later. (See Reference 1)

Just like the tulip, even a daffodil is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring. It is also a bulbous flower that belong the Narcissus genus. These flowers are originally from northern part of Europe, but have managed to find their way to North America. The daffodil flower has a central part, which is shaped like a trumpet, and this central part is surrounded by petals. The flower has a subtle fragrance. The flowers can bloom alone on a single stalk, or it can bloom in bunches. The stalks are flesh and thick with leaves shaped like a blade. The color of the flower can range from yellow, white, or orange, or it can be dual colored like orange colored central part surrounded by white petals. (See Reference 2)

The daffodil is known by many names. Usually, people will call the white daffodil narcissus, and this flower has a beautiful fragrance; and the yellow daffodils are called jonquils or buttercups. However, serious gardeners call them daffodils. (See Reference 2)

Daffodils require an overwintering period, and if this period is not given, the bulbs will not flower. Generally, the first shoots appear towards the end of winter. The flowers begin to bloom towards early spring giving the landscape color after a bleak cold winter.

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