Do Daffodils Grow Wild

Do Daffodils Grow Wild ?

There are primarily 2 types of daffodils that grow. One is the species daffodil and the other is the hybrid kind. Generally, the daffodils that grow in gardens are the hybrid kind, which have been developed by enthusiasts and botanists. In the US, there are no wild daffodils, which are originally from Portugal and Spain. While there are daffodils growing in the fields and deserted farms, especially in the southern part of the US, these were planted by people at some point. And, these are the ones that people refer to the daffodils that grow in the wild.

Hence, it can be said that yes, daffodils do grow wild, but they are not the species daffodils. The mostly commonly growing daffodil in the wild is the N. bulbocodium, which is also known as hoop petticoats. This species of daffodil tends to grow in the mountains, and it blooms when the snow begins to melt. They generally grow where water is available, and that is what they get with the melting snow. However, if there is a warm spell in the early part of winter or autumn, the bulbs can die when the weather becomes cold. (See Reference 1)

Then there is N. jonquilla, which grows in the wild along banks of rivers and damp meadows. (See Reference 1) It can grow in alkaline soil and is often found growing in the South. Even the N. rupicola grows in the wild and you may find triandrus species of daffodils growing close to it. The latter hardly requires any water to grow in the wild and can flourish in acidic soil as well as on granite outcropping. (See Reference 1)

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