How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils

How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils ?

If you are planning on growing daffodils, then you should know how deep to plant the bulbs. If the bulbs are not planted correctly, come spring, you will be a very disappointed gardener. Generally, daffodils should be planted around four to eight inches under the ground. To be on a safer side, ensure that the depth of the hole is roughly around 3 to 4 times the circumference of the bulb you are planting.

If you are living in a cold climate, then plant the bulbs in late fall. In warm locales, the bulbs should be planted in late winter or in the early part of spring. Generally, daffodils can grow in any kind soil, but when planting bulbs, ensure that the soil is loose so that the roots can develop properly. Place the bulb in the hole that you dug. The pointed end of the bulb should face upwards. Cover it with soil. (See Reference 1)

You can also grow daffodils in containers. When planting the bulbs in containers, they should be placed at a depth of 6 inches. If the container is a deep one, then layer the bulbs, by planting one bulb at the depth of 12 inches. Cover the first bulb with a layer of soil and then plant the second bulb at a depth of 6 inches. Care should be taken not to plant the bulbs directly on top of one another. The bulb placed on the top will bloom first, while the one placed deeper will bloom later. (See Reference 1)

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