What Do Daffodil Bulbs Look Like

What Do Daffodil Bulbs Look Like ?

Daffodils, also known by the classical Greek name Narcissus, are named after the legendary Greek youth known for his obsession with his own good looks.

In fact, he was so enamored by his own beauty that God turned him into a flower, and these beautiful flowers are now popular all over the world.Daffodils are either yellow or white, or sometimes a mix of both. The bulbs look like onions and must be kept out of reach of children and animals, since they are not suitable for consumption.

Daffodils are usually propagated through offsets or bulbs. These bulbs are sold either as single-nosed or double-nosed bulbs. The latter is actually two bulbs fused together as one. Bulbs can be purchased according to weight or loose, often available in packets of 5 to 50 bulbs. It is important to always check the bulbs before buying, ensuring they are fresh and do not have any mold or injuries on them.

Once the bulbs have been bought, it is not essential to plant them immediately. However, it is advised not to leave them around for too long. Flowering of these plants totally depend on the size or weight of the bulbs. The minimum weight required for a bulb to carry one flower is approximately 10 grams.  Daffodil bulbs vary a lot, depending on the species and varieties. The popular Paper White Daffodils usually used for cut flower and pot plants require bulbs that are anywhere between 15 and 16 inches, for the best results.

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What Do Daffodil Bulbs Look Like