When To Transplant Daffodils

When To Transplant Daffodils ?

Daffodils are one of the first flowers which bloom in spring. They are beautiful, come in many splendid colors, sizes and shapes.

A daffodil is a spring-flowering plant which comes from a bulb.A daffodil plant is called a perennial, which means it flowers each season. Transplanting daffodils from one location to another ask for special skills and conditions. Ideally, daffodils should be transplanted unhurriedly, especially since you must keep the bulbs intact. They need to be yellow and dry before transplantation, and it is best to do it in spring, after they have blossomed.

Handling the bulbs require special attention. For the best possible results, remove the mature bulbs and store them in a cool and dry place. Then in fall they can be planted. Potted daffodils also need to be stored under similar conditions, after the flowers have dried up. These can be planted in fall as well as spring, provided the ground temperature is above freezing.

Though daffodils can live in the shade, for optimum results it is recommended that they are exposed to some sun. If a daffodil is not growing as spiritedly as you expected, it is best to shift it to a sunnier spot. This will automatically spur the growth, and you will see that in no time the plant will fare much better. There may be times when your daffodil garden may become quite overcrowded. When this happens, try thinning out the garden by transplanting. It is always best to remove the bulbs just when summer sets in, and then replant them in the fall.

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When To Transplant Daffodils