Facts About The Dahlia

Facts About The Dahlia

The dahlia season begins in early spring and lasts till early fall. These flowers come in a myriad colors and even though they are edible, dahlias are famous for their stunning looks and not so much for their taste, which may be best summed up as nondescript.

Here are some interesting facts about the dahlia:

Research says that there are more than 270,000 species of dahlias that are available today. It is said that Lady Holland, who has been given credit for bringing the very first dahlias to England, had first seen these gorgeous flowers in Spain, and she was so enamored by them that she had sent some back home to England.

Research also says that long before insulin was discovered for treating diabetic patients, a particular type of sugar was processed from dahlia tubers, and used for such treatment.

Chefs worldwide love this flower too. Though at first these flowers were considered edible, their striking presence overshadowed the edible quality. Soon these glamorous flowers were being used to enhance the visual appeal of all kinds of culinary treats. Be it cakes, desserts, iced beverages, hot drinks, fancy cocktails, salads, sandwiches or pastries, dahlias have been adding pizzazz to food presentation for a long time now. Appetizer trays, party punch bowls, veggie platters and cheese plates look extra special with dahlias enhancing their overall look.

Medical research and numerous experiments have been conducted using the chemicals present in dahlias, for liver and kidney studies. It is also said that the ancient Aztecs used dahlia flowers to treat epilepsy.

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Facts About The Dahlia