What Do Daisies Symbolize

What Do Daisies Symbolize ?

Daisy is a type of wildflower from the aster family that is all about adding brightness to people’s lives. The name ‘daisy’ was derived from the Anglo-Saxon term ‘daes eage’.

Since a daisy blossoms during the day and closes during the night, it was also called ‘day’s eye’.The origin of daisy involves a myth which was explained by the ancient Romans. It is believed that like most Roman gods, Vertumnus, the god of gardens and trees, too had a strong desire to find a beautiful woman. One day Belides, an innocent wood nymph, was dancing with other nymphs and she caught Vertumnus’s eye. He desired her but Belides did not reciprocate. Instead, she turned herself into a bellis, which is the scientific name of a daisy.

The Celtics believed that the origin of daisies lies with the spirits of those babies who died during childbirth, as an effort to lighten the parents’ sadness. These flowers also have a prominent place in Christianity. Legend has that this flower grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary, and hence, daisies are often used to symbolize Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Daisies were also used extensively in artworks created during the medieval period, mainly as a symbol of Christ’s childhood and innocence. Another legend says that the three Wise men that came looking for Baby Jesus saw a bunch of daisies near a stable and knew they had found Jesus, since the flowers resembled the star that had guided them to Bethlehem.

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What Do Daisies Symbolize