Different types of daisies - What do daisies symbolize ?

Different Types Of Daisies      Daisies belong to the Asteraceae family, which also includes sunflowers and some types of lettuce. In Latin, these flowers are called 'bellis perennis', which means 'everlasting beauty'. Though daisies look like a smaller version of sunflowers, they are actually much more durable.More...



What Do Daisies Symbolize ?

What Do Daisies Symbolize              Daisy is a type of wildflower from the aster family that is all about adding brightness to people’s lives. The name ‘daisy’ was derived from the Anglo-Saxon term ‘daes eage’. Since a daisy blossoms during the day and closes during the night, it was also called ‘day’s eye’.The origin of daisy involves a myth which was explained by the ancient Romas. It is believed that like most Roman gods, Vertumnus, the god of gardens and trees, too had a strong desire to find a beautiful woman. One day Belides, an innocent wood nymph, was dancing with other nymphs and she caught Vertumnus’s eye. He desired her but Belides did not reciprocate. Instead, she turned herself into a bellis, which is the scientific name of a daisy. More..


List Of Types Of Daisies

List Of Types Of Daisies                Daisies, sunflowers and asters are all members of the Asteraceae family, and their exact count varies according to the source. Till date, experts have documented more than twenty thousand species of daisies. The Flora of North America Project has accounted for around 2,413 species in North America alone.

Members of the Asteraceae family are mostly easy to identify. This is primarily because of the distinguished physical trait which is present in a majority of them, like a central disk or eye surrounded by thin, multiple petals. Identifying these species is not easy and can prove to be very difficult for anyone who is not an expert in the subject.More...