Concrete Block Flower Bed Construction  

Gardening is an art and with ideas bountiful and spade in hand, one can create a perfectly edged lawn of flower beds that has concrete blocks in between to separate them that look much better and add a beauty of their own.

A simple work of hand trimming of errant growths or filling up the wormholes is not sufficient. A perfect gardener is the one who can handle these bulbs, wildflowers and perennials modestly.

With ever changing trends, there are so many annuals available with which one can resolve the concrete block issue for a flowerbed. The plant tag instructions do not go along the same for all the regions, as they all depend on the seasons. They generally come up with an instruction of spacing 10” by 12” apart. But the same has to be spaced at 6” in places like Minnesota where there is more frost and annuals cannot prolong more than five months. So they need to be rammed a lot tighter and this also adds to a splashy look.

A garden that is circled with grass is not much advisable as much as plastic edging as the grass gallops into the fertilized garden and is not easily extricable. The plastic edging should not be a stuff that is cheap or a frost heaves out. The edging has to be thick and wide with a commercial product that is of good quality. These are available at hardscape supply yards.

A flowerbed that is segregated with a straight and flat wooden timbers do look much natural but not retained for long as much as a wall block.

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Concrete Block Flower Bed Construction




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