Free Flower Bed Design Plan  

It is not very difficult to design a flower bed. If you can take care of certain things and plan your flower bed well, you can have something in your garden that will make others feel envious.

Firstly, while designing a flower bed one needs to check regarding the sunlight. The place where the flower bed wants to be made must have enough sunlight. After selecting the spot for the flower bed, the soil needs to be prepared. One needs to remove all the existing weeds from the flower bed. It should then be covered with paper grocery bags so that the sunlight doesn’t reach the soil and there are no more weeds coming up.

Coming to the most important part of the flower bed, the plants. While selecting the plants, you need to keep in mind that you should choose plants that are healthy and green. It is better to avoid plants with fading blooms or browning leaves. Once the plants are selected, they need to be planted in the flower bed.

Before planting the plants into the flower bed, the covers need to be removed and circles should be drawn to mark the area for planting the plants. While planting the plants one should always start at the back of the flower bed and then move towards the front. 

After planting the plants, one may either want to keep the flower bed as it is or add some material like stones, bricks or rocks to make the edges.  

Finally one needs to water all the plants. The flower bed is now ready but it will look much more beautiful when the flowers in the flower bed start blooming.

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Free Flower Bed Design Plan




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