How To Keep Cats From Crapping In Your Flower Beds ?  

It would be so irritating to see cat poop every morning in your garden or in the flower bed which you created with so much trouble and efforts. Quite a lot of people face this problem of the cat crapping in their flower bed all the time.

There are quite a lot of solutions suggested by a number of people. However, not all solutions may work for you. You may have to adopt a trial and error method before finding something that actually keeps cats away from your flower beds.

The simplest method of keeping the cats away is by scaring them off with a water pistol. Though this may not work for a long time, there are things like citrus fruits or their rinds that can help you keep off cats from your flower beds. One of the other methods which is said to have helped in this regard is to get a 2 liter empty coke bottle, fill it with water after removing the label and place it over the garden. This creates a distorted reflection which is believed to keep the cats away.  

Some people believe that moth flakes or moth balls may also be helpful in driving the cats away. These things were the common things that are used by many people to keep cats from crapping in their flower beds. There is also one more method called Lion manure which is available at garden centers. This is something that the cats hate and it does not even cause any harm to the gardens. Also, it is believed that broken egg shells scattered around the garden may keep the cats away.  

While different things work for different people, you basically need to experiment and choose the one that works best for you.

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How To Keep Cats From Crapping In Your Flower Beds




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How To Keep Cats From Crapping In Your Flower Beds ? )
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