How To Keep My Dogs Out Of My Flower Beds ?  

The owners of flower beds constantly have to guard them against slugs, snails, cats and another menace namely the dogs. Some of the ways to deal with cats and dogs may be simple and easy putting stones on the flower bed or sprinkling pepper or pepper flakes on the flower beds.

Dogs do not like to walk on anything sharp and neither do they like the smell of pepper since it makes them sneeze.

One of the other ways to try and keeps dogs away is using moth balls. Due to this the dogs do not get the sweet smell of the flowers and hence they stay off. However, this works only till the moth balls dissolve and this is just a short term solution and sometimes the flower beds may end up being smelly.  

One can also get special granules for gardens and flowerbeds. These may be a little expensive but can be very effective in keeping the dogs away. Another thing about these granules is that they are pretty safe to use around animals and kids. Some also believe that spraying ammonia mixtures in the flower bed will keep the dogs away. 

Sometimes, adding cacti to your flower beds maybe helpful in keeping away dogs. Also, if one can plant rose plants or other such thorny plants along the edge of the flower bed, the dogs may get pricked when they try to enter and one such experience is enough for them to remember not to venture there again.

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How To Keep My Dogs Out Of My Flower Beds




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How To Keep My Dogs Out Of My Flower Beds ? )
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