How To Make Rustic Flower Bed ?  

There are many people who are actually very fond of plants and flowers but are not too much into gardening either because they do not have the time for it or do not know how to do it. However, even people who do not have time to look after their plants can have flower beds in their yards.

Rustic flower beds do not require much maintenance and can be also cost effective. One just needs to careful while choosing the plants, because one must remember to choose plants which do not require a lot of care such as the morning glory or sunflowers or snake dragon etc. there is another plant called the coleous plant, which comes in variety of colors. This plant has feathery flowers and all it requires is a sunny spot with rich, moist and well drained soil.

Rustic decorations like old wooden barrels, birdbaths, miniature windmills, birds and squirrel feeders etc can be used. While choosing these decorations it is a good idea to choose items that can also be used as planters. Some people also use fallen branches in their flower beds. One of the other options is to use a raised wooden flower bed. This will protect the flower bed from weeds also. One may also like to volcano rocks in one’s garden. However one needs to be careful not to harm plants while putting these rocks. Also, weathered boards and railroad ties can be used as borders in a rustic flower bed.

Such rustic flowerbeds can be created in the corner of the yard or right outside one’s window.

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How To Make Rustic Flower Bed




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