Is There Any Edible Plants To Line A Flower Bed ?  

You do not need to have a large area for plants like tomatoes or cabbage. In fact, you do not need a vegetable patch for growing certain vegetables as they grow very well in flowerbeds too.

When there are plants like tomato, bell pepper or cabbage in the flower bed, they will end up becoming a favorite of your kids as most children love going out and helping their parents to pick vegetables and fruits.

In fact, this is also one of the ways to teach children the way these things grow and also to make them experience the pleasure of plucking them from your own flower bed and garden, and eating it. This will also teach the kids how to care for plants and how hygienic and healthy it is to grow fruits and vegetables in your own garden.

Other edible plants can be grow in a flower bed are strawberries. Strawberry plants are a good option to be grown along the fence line. You can also grow corn, carrots and radishes in your flower beds. Shadows of walnut and pear trees are a good place to grow the edible plants.

The list of edible plants that can be grown in the flower beds does not end here. Based on the climate and soil conditions, you can decide about which plants to grow in the flower beds. These are not only a learning experience for the children but they also give a sense of achievement and fulfillment to the elders in the family. It would be so much pleasure to have a flower bed which is lined up with not only beautiful flowers but also edible plants.

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Is There Any Edible Plants To Line A Flower Bed




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Is There Any Edible Plants To Line A Flower Bed ? )
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