Replacing Bricks Around Flower Bed  

Bricks can be affected by all kinds of weather and therefore they sometimes develop cracks, some break off so they need to be replaced. But finding the replacement brick of the same color is not easy and hence, if the brick is only cracked, you can remove that brick and then turn it around and place the good side out.

Bricks can be used in place of rocks, or sea glass or even driftwood. Specially make Brick pieces are available for edging and inserted into the ground with their pointed edge facing upward, giving a zigzag effect. Different types of fencing, metal strips are used for edging, to control the spread of vines. Stones or tiles covered with mosaics have become popular in recent years. You need to keep in mind that the edging should not be so large or distinctive that detracts from the plants in the flower bed. The flowers are the show of the flower bed and the edging is just an additional accompaniment.

In order to make edging for a flower bed with bricks, all you have to do first is to dig a shallow trench bordering the garden bed. This trench needs to as wide as the brick that we are going to use.

One may place the first row of bricks checking the height against a length of the string tied between two stakes. Sand should be added underneath the brick to adjust the height and to stop them from absorbing moisture. The same pattern should be followed for the other rows of bricks as well till the desired height is reached.

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Replacing Bricks Around Flower Bed




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Replacing Bricks Around Flower Bed )
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