Waterfall In Flower Bed  

A waterfall in a flower bed is one thing many gardeners aspire to have. It ends up making the garden look calm and mystical and the radically changes the ambiance of the garden. The sound of the water cascading onto rocks and then into a pool makes the garden look natural and soothing.

The good thing is that making a waterfall in your flower bed is actually easy provided you do not mind working a little hard. Here are some steps you can follow to make a basic waterfall in a flower bed.

  • You know you want a waterfall in your flower bed. However, make sure that select an appropriate area in the flower bed. If the area is slightly inclined, all the better.
  • Now figure out how big the waterfall should be. Remember, it should be in proportion to your flower bed and the garden.
  • Mark the area on the ground using rocks, flour or rope. This will help you with the digging.
  • Now starts the elbow grease. This digging is for the pond, which should be around two to three feet deep.
  • The sides of the pond should be indented to around one foot but it should be wide enough to accommodate the rocks you want in the pond.
  • Now place river rocks above and all around the one-foot indent you have created.
  • Take a black plastic liner and line the pond.
  • Place the water pump at the bottom of the pond.
  • Use a black rubber hose and attach to the pump. Make sure you use the rocks to hide the hose. Of course you have to remember to point the outlet of the hose towards the pond so that the water runs like a waterfall over the rocks and into the pond you have so painstakingly created.
  • Finally turn on the pump and stand back and admire your handiwork.

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Waterfall In Flower Bed




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