When To Water Flower Beds ?  

People who are gardening enthusiasts are constantly pondering over when to water flower beds. There is so much conflicting information about watering of flower beds that it becomes practically impossible to figure out what is right and what is wrong. However, most gardening experts say the following about when to water flower beds.

It is wrong to try and keep your flower beds constantly moist as this will encourage the growth of pathogens and they will damage the plants causing root rot and growth of fungi. Instead you should check the soil regularly to see when it is time to water your flower beds.

The soil in the flower beds should be dry and only then should you water and the watering should be very heavy. This cyclic watering is perfect for flower beds as it not only kills the pathogens, which cannot survive without moisture, but also encourages the roots to grow deeper and the plants to flower.

The best time to water flower beds is either in the mornings before the sun gets too strong or at dawn. This is basically to prevent evaporation of the water before the plants have had the time to pull what they need from the soil.

It goes without saying that you have to keep a constant watch on your flower beds to ensure that plants are not suffering from drought stress. If plants appear to be wilting, turning brown, losing their foliage or having dried leaf edges, you should immediately water the flower beds. Otherwise, you can wait until the surrounding soil dries out.

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When To Water Flower Beds




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