Cala Lily Growing Tips  

The Calla lily may not be considered a real lily, but it is nonetheless known as an extraordinarily beautiful flower.

Available in many colors, this plant grows from rhizomes and is great for using in beds, bouquets and borders. Calla lilies can be grown outdoors or as houseplants.

Here are some Calla lily growing tips for your information.

Usually planted during spring, growing Calla lilies is fairly easy, since they generally grow well with proper planting and a suitable location. As far as soil requirement is concerned, as long the soil is well-drained, the plants should have no trouble growing well. It is important that you wait till the frost has passed and the soil is warm enough for planting these plants.

Full sunlight is ideal for growing Calla lilies, while in warmer climates, partial shade is advisable.

While planting Calla lilies, remember to plant quite deep, possibly about 4 inches, with at least a foot between two plants. Regular watering and fertilizing are enough to ensure healthy Calla lilies. Water the plants well since Calla lilies need to be kept moist. However, remember that once flowering has stopped, these plants require a dormant period. So, avoid watering as much.

A monthly dose of fertilizer all through the growing season is recommended. Keep the area around the plants free of weeds and moist with a layer of mulch. In case your Calla lilies are growing in containers, stop watering and relocate the plant to a dark area when the foliage fades, and then resume watering within the next 2 to 3 months.

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Cala Lily Growing Tips




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