How Fast Do Marigolds Grow ?  

Marigold flowers come in a number of gorgeous colors, and are in bloom from mid-summer all the way until the first frost falls. They thrive in lots of sunshine, and in well-drained garden soil.

Get started with your marigolds by planting them indoors, at least 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date. You can also do it outside, but make sure that the danger of frost has passed. Marigold seeds germinate quickly and can bloom in less than 2 months.

Though ideally marigolds plants are quite tolerant of average to slightly poor soil conditions, you can improve the soil quality by adding a lot of compost, and that will ensure that both your plants and flowers are healthier. Also, once a month you can add a general purpose fertilizer. The soil must be moist but take care that it is never wet. Keep watering once or twice every week and add mulch all around your plants. This will give the area a neat look as well as help keep weeds under control.

Once the plants are established, it is time for you to relax since they will grow even if not attended to. In mid-summer they will start producing flowers and this will continue up to the first frost. Removing dead flower blooms is not mandatory, except for clearing up and general tidiness.

Marigolds are annuals, and cannot withstand the harshness of frost. Since the first frost is usually lighter, the plants may just get by with minor damages, but once the frost gets harder, they will not survive.

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How Fast Do Marigolds Grow




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