How To Take Care Of Marigolds ?  

Marigolds are very easy to grow, and amateur gardeners are often advised to grow marigolds to start with. This ensures that the gardener gets sufficient experience in growing flowers.

You can also have fun with colors while growing marigolds, and choose the colors you like, since these flowers are available in a colors ranging from white to orange to red.If you plant the seed now, then expect a full-formed marigold in your garden in about a month’s time. Marigolds need minimum watering if the soil they are in is well supplemented with organic matter and is mulched well. When the marigold seedlings are tall enough, take some organic material like dried grass, chopped leaves or wood chips, and spread them on the soil around the plants. This is called mulching and helps reduce loss of moisture, keeps the soil cool and suppresses weeds.

Marigolds are quite self-reliant and do not need too much attention. American and French marigolds do well with deadheading, which stimulates the plant, and also keeps it looking attractive.

Marigolds may die if the soil dries out completely, so always make sure that the soil is rich and moist. They also do not need too much fertilizing, and can do well with just a light feed during spring. If the feed gets too rich, then you may have more foliage on your hands instead of blooms. Using a slow-acting granular fertilizer all over the planting area and letting the rain soak it in should be more than adequate.

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How To Take Care Of Marigolds




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How To Take Care Of Marigolds ? )
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