Types Of Marigolds  

Marigolds are available in many varieties. There is the Signet, which is spreading and dainty; American marigolds which are big and tall; and French marigold, which are smaller and daintier.

Then there is a third kind, which is called the Triploid hybrid, and it is actually a combination of the French and American kinds.All types of marigolds are easy to grow and look great as cut flowers, in containers, bed or borders. They are sometimes planted among food plants too. The strong odor of their foliage and a chemical present in their roots help repel many pests. Marigolds grow to varying heights, depending on their type.

American marigolds are the tallest and grow between 10 to 36 inches in height. The French variety grows anywhere between 6 to 18 inches, while the Triploids are between 12 to 20 inches tall. The Signet is the smallest at 8 inches.

The usual bloom time for marigolds blooms starts from early summer and stretches till the first frost. These flowers come with a slightly sweet fragrance but unfortunately this is almost always overwhelmed by the strong scent of their foliage. When the plant starts to blossom you have a splendid array of colors in your yard -- ranging from gold, yellow, orange to peach, ivory and pour white. Some French marigolds come bi-colored, in which case you will have flowers that are reddish brown with yellow or orange. Also, sometimes the French type has a single flower as in the Disco Mixed variety.

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Types Of Marigolds




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