How To Grow Petunias From Seeds

How To Grow Petunias From Seeds ?

Though petunias are quite easy to grow outdoors from transplants, amateur gardeners may find it difficult to grow them indoors.

The main advantage of growing petunias indoors is that you can grow a large number of plants for less money.Even seasoned gardeners often find it quite a challenge handling petunia seeds. Not only are these seeds extremely fine and tiny, they also need light for germination. First, spread the seeds on milled sphagnum moss or clean potting soil. Mist the soil so that the seeds get washed into the potting medium. You may also gently press them in with your fingers.

Now use a clear plastic to cover the container and then keep in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight, till you find the seeds are beginning to sprout. This should ideally happen 7 to 10 days after planting, following which you need to take out the plastic cover.

Now place the container in a brighter place, where the day temperature is 65 degrees and at night it is between 55 to 65 degrees. In order to achieve this, you may fix a fluorescent light about 4 to 6 inches above the petunias, till they are ready to be moved outdoors.

When seedlings bear three true leaves, transplant them in individual peat pots and feed them diluted liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Put the young plants in sunlight by day and indoors at night for a few days, before you plant them outdoors permanently. This will help the seedlings to acclimatize to the weather. Make sure the soil is warm and the threat of frost has passed. Plant your petunias closely, and the blooms will look thicker and brighter.

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How To Grow Petunias From Seeds