Different Types Of Roses  

Growing roses is guaranteed to give you the satisfaction of having created something truly beautiful.

If you are new to growing roses, then you will surely be amazed at the sheer number of rose varieties that are available in the market.

The process of deciding which kind you would like to grow will definitely be a whole lot easier if you first get acquainted with the different types of roses.

Different Types of Roses:
Hybrid Tea Roses: These roses are the ones usually sold on Valentine’s Day. They are easy to cut, come in many colors and have a long single stem.

Shrub Roses: These are long-lasting roses and thrive in almost all climates. They come in many varieties, and are often considered the ideal growing roses for beginners.

Floribundas: These roses grow in clusters and are also ideal for beginner. They do well in sunny spots, and look stunning when bunched together in an exotic garden design.

Climbing roses: These roses grow in bushes with long tendrils and canes. They look extremely appealing when grown over doorways, walls, trellises, statues and other tall objects.

Ground Cover roses: These roses grow up to only a foot or two, but they spread out like a carpet, and are great for bed edges. Ground cover roses can also be grown in containers.

Miniature Roses:These are miniature roses which look stunning on borders as well as containers, and are ideal for small gardens.

Tree Roses: These roses grow on plants with a trunk with the flowers on top, just like a tree. They look great in combination with other flowers.

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Different Types Of Roses




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