When Is The Best Time To Plant Roses ?  

The best time to plant roses in your garden completely depends on the climate. Ideally, roses should be planted in early spring, though late winter is when you should plant them if you live in areas which are very cold.

By very cold, we mean temperatures less than -10 Fahrenheit. The right time also depends on what you are starting with -- bare-root roses or container grown plants.It is very important that there is absolutely no danger of frost, and the soil you are working with is workable and not frozen. Deciding on the best time to plant roses also depends on when spring shows up in your region.  If you are based in the warmer climate zones like Florida, California or places with similar winters (mild to warm), then the best time to go ahead and plant those roses in your garden will be in the fall, late fall or even during the winter months of  December and January. As a precautionary measure, you could talk to your local nurseries and find out the frost dates, and subsequently the ideal time to plant in your area.

It is widely considered that the best time to plant roses is in spring, since it gives the plants the longest growing season, so that they can get established. If you are planting your roses when it is hot, make sure that your roses are watered frequently. Another important point to remember is that the roots should not dry out, which is guaranteed to kill your roses.

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When Is The Best Time To Plant Roses




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