How To Plant Sunflowers ?  

The sunflower is a magnificent yellow flower seen towering over flower beds and all other flowering plants.

These striking plants come in a number of sizes, colors and shapes, are easy to grow and can thrive in all sunny areas.Growing the traditional yellow sunflowers in your garden will of course add a lot of pizzazz to your garden, but you do not need to stick to only yellow. Sunflowers come in many other colors, like red, maroon, pale yellow and bright orange. You can choose between single blooms and double blooms, single head and multiple heads, and miniature sunflowers to towering giants.

Select the larger varieties as a background for your garden or yard. When planted in rows the larger ones do make quite an impression! The smaller varieties are better suited for edges and as a foreground for your garden or yard. Also, make sure the place where you plant your sunflowers receives plenty of direct sunlight -- 6 to 8 hours a day, to be exact. 

Plant your sunflowers at the sunniest spot available and you will be rewarded with the most healthy and bright blooms. Get the soil ready by digging a hole that is 8-12 inches deep, mix in organic matter and then smoothen the area by removing all garden debris. Now plant the sunflower seeds as per the spacing and depth requirement on the package. The seeds need to be planted about 1/2 inch into the soil, covered and watered well. Make sure the soil remains moist till the seeds have germinated and you can see the seedlings. Dig up the seedlings and replant in another location. Make sure the seedling has a small clump of the soil it was growing in, attached to it. The seedlings must be watered if they show signs of wilting or stunted growth.

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How To Plant Sunflowers




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