Life Cycle Of Sunflowers  

The sunflower is bright and cheerful to look at, and also has a large number of uses.

Though there are many varieties of sunflowers available that come with their own distinct characteristics, a typical sunflower comes with a tall stem and a large yellow flower on top.It is interesting to note how a sunflower head is formed. At first the head looks like a big bud, and then it opens up and the flower makes an appearance. The yellow crowning leaves that you see on a fully grown sunflower, first cover and protect the actual flowers, which is the brown centre. Then the open head starts following the sun as it moves across the sky. What the plant is trying to do here is soak up as much sunlight as possible.

The flowers which are present in the middle of the sunflower will now get started with growing fruits and sunflower seeds, and after sometime these seeds will start loosening and scattering on the ground. This will complete the life cycle of the sunflower, after which the flower is start wilting and then die.

Growing sunflowers is relatively easy, provided you take into account a few essentials. Take planting location, for instance. You need to select the correct location for planting your sunflowers since they need full sunlight during the day. Some like to plant their sunflowers close to walls so that the plants are protected against strong winds, given their thin stems. Though this is a good idea, it will eat into the amount of sunlight that is available to your plant.

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Life Cycle Of Sunflowers




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