Sunflowers Harvesting Tips  

If you are a sunflower grower, then a thought that must have crossed your mind is how to harvest the seeds of these tall and regal flowers, especially since it is a known fact that sunflower seeds have a number of uses.

To start with, the seeds that you save this year can be used for growing sunflowers during the next year’s planting season. Want to attract colorful birds like blue jays and cardinals to your garden? Use the saved seeds in bird feeders, and see the riot of colors in your garden. Or, you can use them as a tasty snack, by simply roasting and/or salting the seeds.

There are plenty of reasons for harvesting sunflowers, and to do so successfully, follow these steps.

First, make sure your flowers are ready to be harvested, since cutting them early will leave you with seeds that are not yet mature. You will know when your flowers are ready to be harvested because then the petals will be falling off, the back of the flower will look brown and dry, and the seeds will be black and plump, with brown stripes. Next, cut off the head of the plant, with a foot of its stem attached, spread out newspapers on the ground and rub your hands over the seed head. All the dry seeds will start falling out on the newspaper. Get rid of the seed head, make a funnel out of the newspaper and then start tapping the seeds into a labeled container.

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Sunflowers Harvesting Tips




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