When To Plant Sunflower Seeds ?  

Sunflowers are beautiful blooms that are associated with the cheerfulness of summer, though spring is the best time to get started with sunflower seeds.

If you plant your sunflower seeds in spring, then you may sit back and watch them bloom and make you happy all summer long.Once you have decided to plant sunflower seeds, understand the plant’s needs and growing patterns. It is believed that early spring is the best time for planting sunflower seeds, since the soil is nice and warm at this time. Also, you need to ensure that the frost has completely moved away from your area.

Your sunflowers will grow best if they receive at least 6 hours of bright sunlight every day. A unique feature of this plant is that the flowers will always face the sun, irrespective of where you plant them!

The planting area must be safeguarded from birds and animals, since they may spoil all your efforts by digging up the seeds. Sunflowers need well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter in order to thrive. So, add a little compost to the growing soil.

You can also attract birds to your sunflowers by letting the blooms go to seed. The seed will serve as a natural birdfeeder by attracting birds and feeding them. You can harvest the seed for yourself too, by drying the flowers after their summer bloom. The heat and dry weather of summer will help with cutting the blooms evenly and without any mold. The dried flowers can then be used for arrangements, in vases or in wreaths.

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When To Plant Sunflower Seeds




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