Growing Tulips In Pots

Growing Tulips In Pots

Growing tulips in pots is a surefire way to add color to your spring garden. What you will need to get started are some pots, potting mix specially made for bulbs, and a handful of bulbs that will go into each pot.

Remember you need to work with either ceramic or terracotta containers which are deep enough to hold the tulips. Do not go with plastic containers for two reasons. These can overheat easily, and also spoil your bulbs thanks to their moisture-retaining ability.

The bulbs usually need to be planted 4 to 8 inches deep. So, you will need at least 12 inch deep containers, for the best possible results. Make sure your containers have drainage holes at the bottom. If they do not, use a drilling machine, and make holes through the bottom of every container. Remember to exercise caution while doing this, and also do not forget to wear safety glasses.

In order to minimize the chances of infections carried over from the previous season, wash and dry all the containers before planting. An added precautionary measure will be to wash them with a weak bleach solution, which should be rinsed out thoroughly before you add the soil.

Next, place pieces of broken crockery or a layer of gravel at the bottom of the container. This will ensure that the soil does not fall through the drainage holes. Fill the container, add a layer of rough sand to facilitate proper drainage, and then place the bulbs with their pointed sides up. About 5 to 15 bulbs in a single container should give look pretty good. 

Next, fill the containers with soil and water, and place them is an area where the cold will not harm the bulbs, like a covered shed or garage, where the average temperature is always lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for eight weeks minimum.

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Growing Tulips In Pots